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EMAIL TO PARENTS – November 29, 2017

Please visit our new website at http://dunsmuir.sd62.bc.ca/


Our student-led conferences held on Thursday, Nov. 23rd were a huge success. Many thanks to the parents for attending this evening. It was a little different from the traditional parent-teacher interviews, but overall we were very happy with the results. Adjusting to this new procedure takes some time and we would be very interested to gather feedback from the parents. If you attended the conference evening, please take some time to email me to share your experience with this new procedure. Our teachers said: – Student led conferences were very enjoyable; I loved hearing the students talk about their learning and successes as well as their challenges. After talking to my students, I realized many parents didn’t show up because they thought they would not be able to talk with me. I think next time we should let parents know that there is a good likelihood that they will have informal conference time with the teacher, and, if things are busy, another time can be arranged. I believe being able to talk to the teacher, even briefly, is important to many parents. – A really positive thing I noticed on Thursday evening was that many families brought along Grandparents to check out the students’ portfolios. What a great opportunity it was for them to see what the kids are doing. That’s not possible with interviews. – Students walked their parents through their portfolios showing them work that they were proud of, work that showed their improvements and work that showed where they need more work. Because it was quite quiet we then took the opportunity to chat some more. It was a great night! – Nice to see students so proud of their work and learning process

Some of our grade 6 students said: – I felt like the leader of the pack which was great! – It made me feel happy to see my mom so proud! – I don’t know. I felt normal I guess. – It was weird being in charge but not horrible. – I was really nervous to share my work with my parents. – It made me feel less nervous than if they had gone without me to talk to the teacher. – I was less nervous because I felt in control. Next student-led conference will take place on Thursday, April 19, 2018

If you are in Art 8 for Term 2, please bring in a shallow plastic container with a lid, and a bound sketchbook or provide $2.00 for and Interactive Notebook. A fine paintbrush would be handy as well. Create soon!

We will be handing out student bus passes from Wednesday, Nov. 29 to Friday, Dec. 1. We will be calling students down to the open area over the next few days to sign for their bus pass. You should be receiving some information from the Transportation Department regarding the expectations around showing bus passes when students board the bus.

Dear parents, you are invited to join us on Tuesday Dec 12th at 7pm for our annual Christmas Concert: Dunsmuir Music Presents… the Joys of Christmas. We will feature all of our performing ensembles as well as a some student-led groups. Admission is by food bank donation and we hope to see you there. Fabian Duque-Park

Dec. 1-17th. See poster attached; found also on Community page; Parents

CITY CENTRE PARK (WESTHILLS ARENA) – DEC. 10th – FREE SKATE DAY See poster attached; found also on Community page; Parents

We will be setting up a donation option on the School Cash Online. If you would rather give a monetary donation, we will have this option set up for you. (See attached steps 1-4) Step 1 – You will need to set up an account if you have not done yet and click on items. https://sd62.schoolcashonline.com/ Step 2 – Click on donation Step 3 – Add amount, Fund Destination and add in Message, “Dunsmuir Christmas Hamper 2017”. Step 4 – Add to cart. Tax receipt will be emailed to you upon completion of cart.

Registration closes January 15th; See poster attached; found also on Community page; Parents

See poster attached; found also on Community page; Parents

Just a reminder that students will be bringing home Term 1 progress reports on Friday, Dec. 8. Parents, please sign the progress report envelopes and have your child return this envelope to their Advisory teacher on Monday, Dec. 11th.

We now have 609 (we are up 2 consents from last week!) Consents done! We are so close in getting our whole school signed up. See below for instructions on getting signed up! Ensure you have completed the online consent form. The consent must be completed or the school cash does not have authorization to pull student information from our database.

Here are some additional instructions from our website on the consent portal: http://dunsmuir.sd62.bc.ca/wp-content/uploads/sites/30/2017/09/School-Cash-Instructions.pdf

Once the consent form is completed please give 24-48 hours before adding a student to your school cash account.

When completing the consent forms and setting up your school cash account please make sure that you are using one of the email addresses we have one file.

Please make sure you are using your students PEN numbers

Tuesday, December 5th – Purdy’s orders delivered
Friday, December 8th – Progress reports to go home
Monday, December 11th – Report envelopes return
Tuesday, December 12
th – Christmas Concert, 7:00pm, Gym
Wednesday, December 13th – Cookie Dough pick up between 3:30-5:00pm
Friday, November 17th – Purdy’s orders deadline
Friday, December 22nd – Last day before Winter break