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Drop in Sports:

  • Drop in Badminton runs Tuesday after school.
  • Drop in volleyball today after school from 3:15-4:15. 
  • Gym strip is required.
  • Everyone welcome.   Bring a friend

Track and Field:

  • Athletes participating in the track meet at UVic today you will be dismissed from class at 2:45.

Grade 8 Leaving:

  • Grade 8 students who want to attend Grade 8 leaving, please get your permission forms into the office.  
  • Payment for the event is done online.

Robotics Club:

  • If you dropped off an application for the Robotics club, please meet in the hallway outside of Ms. Stewart and Ms. Booth’s rooms today at silent reading (outside of Room 202/203)



Clay It Up!

  • What do 1500 degrees and cats have in common?………………      They can both be found in the KILN – in the art room.  
  • There has been a …BISQUE fire …for all the pottery pieces … including term 1 and 2.    Please come pick up your pieces. Talk to S. Rob. if you want to GLAZE them with color.   Clay It UP!

Dunsmuir Store:

  • The Store will be open tomorrow at lunch. Come get your star highlighter, maze pens, teddy bears and more!

Pizza Friday:

  • Pizza will be available in the foods room at Nutrition Break on Fridays!
  • Remember to line up outside of the school by the playground if you wish to buy pizza.
  • Pizza is $3/slice.