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Return of Emergency Medication to Families

Parents are able to pick up Emergency Medications to tomorrow Thursday, April 2 from 9:00am until 10:00am.

Meet Mr. Bedard at the Outside Gym Doors.


  1. Access to the gym is limited to one person at a time. Parent or guardian only. Children should be left outside/in vehicles if in attendance.


  1. While waiting at the gym doors please maintain the minimum recommended physical distance of 2 meters from the nearest person.


  1. On entering identify yourself to the school staff member and confirm the child’s name for whom you are picking up medication. Your medication will be placed on a table for pick up.


Access to other parts of the school for this or any other reason is not permitted at this time.


If Thursday, April 2 is inconvenient for you please email the school for an appointment. dunsmuir@sd62.bc.ca