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EMAIL TO PARENTS – October 28, 2020

Parents, please email the school if you have not accessed the Parent Portal.  You will need to access the Parent Portal to:

View Student Attendance
View Points of Progress (Report Cards)
Verification forms – to verify address and contact information is up to date (very important for the office to contact you if your child is sick)
Please email our school email at: dunsmuir@sd62.bc.ca. Please do not call our office as we need this email for record keeping purposes. Thank you for your assistance.

Next Entrance Date: November 12th (following Remembrance Day)
To aid in our planning, please notify the school by November 6th if your child is returning on November 12th or if your child would like to switch to Remote Learning on November 12th.  Please email this to the school email account at dunsmuir@sd62.bc.ca

Drop off and pick up times are very busy at DMS. With close to 900 students, several hundred cars converge on the neighborhood at 8:50 and 3:10, Monday to Friday. Please keep in mind that this neighborhood is home to those who live there. To ensure we are being good neighbors and community oriented, please consider the following during drop off and pick up:

Ensure you are pulled over in an area where it is safe to do so. This means safe for pedestrians, traffic and respectful of homeowners. Otherwise decide on an alternate location that works for you and your child. As an example, if picking up my child (we use a location several blocks from the school where they can safely walk to).

I know that pick up and drop off can be hectic and stressful for parents as we are often under time constraints and the pressures of getting to work, or elsewhere ourselves. Please remember that the roads are very congested and need to be driven with the utmost of care and caution, abiding by all “rules of the road”.

Consider dropping off a few minutes earlier if possible.

Please refrain from parking on neighbours’ lawns, in the middle of the road or blocking traffic.

Thank you for your attention to these things and ensuring that we are considerate of our neighbours and greater community.


Remote Learners- Grade 6 – 9:20

Remote Learners Grade 7 – 9:40

Remote Learners Grade 8 – 10:00

Photos will be taken in the Multi – Purpose Room. Access to this space for Remote Learners will be through the exterior entrance and exit of the Multi-Purpose Room (accessed through the staff parking lot).

Photo retakes will follow the Remote Learners

If students have received a photo package and want a retake photo, students need to return the photo package to the photographer on Tuesday, Nov. 3rd.

Order form flyers are available in the office or see attached.  Also located on Parents; Community page


Teachers will be reaching out to you in the coming weeks to inform you of how they will be communicating student learning. Specifically, the timelines and format of your child’s Point(s) of Progress. Some staff will complete this using MyEd, which parents will access through the Parent Portal, while others will use a paper-based template that they will send home with your child. A reminder that letter grades and percentages are no longer used, rather proficiency language has taken its place.


The district date for student led conferences (parent/teacher interviews) is November 19, 2020. This year, due to the pandemic, these conferences will take place via a digital format or telephone. Your child’s teacher will communicate to you in the coming days how/when they will offer these conferences. Please note, that if your child is doing well academically, socially and emotionally at school, your child’s teacher will not request a conference at this time, rather you will receive an interim report from your child’s teacher to indicate progress. If you have specific concerns, you are free to contact your child’s teacher at any time.


As Halloween nears, please take a moment to read the following guidelines. We would appreciate if you could go over these points with your child(ren).
SD62 Costume Guidelines:

  • Face makeup is okay if it isn’t too scary (students must be identifiable).
  • Half masks such as masquerade masks are okay unless otherwise stated by your child’s school. No full-face masks are permitted.
  • Friendly clowns, jesters, mimes, etc. are okay. No scary clowns please.
  • No imitation weapons of any kind will be permitted.

Please use your best judgement to ensure costumes are appropriate for school wear. These guidelines are in place so that students can be easily identified. Principals and Vice-Principals may ask your child to change in the event a costume is deemed unacceptable. We do our best to create comfortable and safe environments in our schools and we thank you for helping us to do so.

Have you not completed this form yet?  If your student did not bring the form home, please connect with the office at 250-478-5548 and let us know if you need a form sent home.

If you have not done so, please complete the online consents.
Please make sure your child’s consents are complete at the following link: https://consent.sd62.bc.ca/apps/OnlineConsent

Hello Everyone, we have had a great start to the year and have opened our Learning Commons recently! The kids seem excited to have a chance to take out books again and we are excited to have them down here! In order to meet our literacy goal our school is hosting a Purdy’s Holiday Literacy fundraiser to buy new resources for the kids. Please support our school’s literacy goal by participating in our 2020 Purdy’s fundraiser. In the on-line catalog, you will notice that the prices are the same as in the stores. This is because as a fundraiser, we pay the wholesale prices, so the difference is that our profit will be used to purchase resources for our learning commons!
Chocolate orders are due online by Wednesday November 25th and will be ready for pick up on Friday December 11th.

What you can do to help: Ask everyone you can think of to help us out! Ask your friends, family, neighbours, etc.!

How to place an order: https://fundraising.purdys.com/1203561-78420

Group code – 14028

All orders will be done Online.  Please ensure that all orders have the student’s name, and their advisory number on them.
Thank you for your support, Mike Manhas

Tuesday, November 3rd – Retake Photo day/Remote Learners Photo day
Wednesday, November 11th – Remembrance Day
Thursday, November 12th – Remote Learners transitioning back
Thursday, November 19th – Parent-Teacher Interviews/conferences (3 hours Early Dismissal)
Friday, November 20th – Non-Instructional Day
Wednesday, November 23rd – Purdy’s fundraiser deadline
Friday, November 27th – Term 1 ends
Monday, November 30th – Term 2 begins
Friday, December 11th – Purdy’s chocolate order pick up