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Individual Recognition:
one area completed in Athletics, Service (Citizenship), or Fine Arts

Silver Dragon:
two areas completed Athletics, Service (Citizenship), or Fine Arts

Gold Dragon:
three areas completed in Athletics, Service (Citizenship), and Fine Arts

All students are eligible for individual recognition in a variety of areas including Athletics, Citizenship (Service), and Fine Arts. The criteria for receiving these categories are outlined below, and will be discussed with each class early in September. Students are encouraged to set goals and work responsibly to achieve them throughout the year. They are also responsible for having a sponsor teacher sign the Recognition Sheet (see reverse side) as each activity is completed. The forms will be collected in early June in order for distribution to students.

Criteria for Recognition


Students must participate and contribute in at least 2 sports and must stay with the team until the end of the season. The sports are: basketball, soccer, volleyball, rugby, cross country, track & field, and any others that may arise during the year.


Students must contribute in at least 3 of the identified areas. Please note, students may indicate other areas not listed in which they may have contributed, such as organizing a charity fund-raiser or working at a school event.


Students must have contributed in at least 2 areas and demonstrated an ongoing commitment to the activity. Fine Arts recognition will not be signed until after Term 2.

*Additional activities can be requested by the sponsoring teacher and must be approved by Ms. Gerrits.
Students also have the ability to attain the following recognition:


Merit recognition will be granted each term, reflecting an excellent work ethic and consistently responsible work habits. Students must achieve work habits of a minimum of 6 ‘E’s (Excellent) on their report card with no ‘S’ or ‘N’ work habits.


Academic recognition will be granted to students attaining letter grades of ‘As’ in all subject areas on their final year-end report card. Year-end report cards reflect student abilities in June, allowing students to work hard in subject areas throughout the year to improve their grades. Academic recognition will be distributed in year-end report cards.