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Dunsmuir Office Hours:

The main office is open Monday to Thursday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm;  Fridays from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.



Monday, November 19

Grade 7/8 Girls’ away game  @ SMUS 3:45 pm

Grade 7/8 Boys’ competitive team away game @ SMUS 5:15 pm

Grade 7/8 Boys’ rec team away @ Spencer

 Tuesday, November 20

 Grade 7/8 Girls’ practice 7:30 am

Grade 7/8 Boys’ practice 7:30 am

Grade 6/7 Girls’ competitive team away @ Spencer

Grade 6/7 Girls’ rec team away @ North Saanich

 Wednesday, November 21

 Grade 6/7 Boys’ competitive team practice 7:30 am

Grade 7/8 Boys’ competitive team away @ Glanford 3:45 pm

Grade 7/8 Girls’ competitive team away @ Glanford 5:15 pm

Grade 7/8 Boys’ rec practice 3:15-4:30 pm

 Thursday, November 22 

Grade 6/7 Girls’ competitive practice 8:00-8:50 am

Grade 7/8 Girls’ away @ SMUS 3:45 pm

Grade 7/8 Boys’ competitive team away @ SMUS 5:15 pm

Grade 7/8 Boys’ rec team away @ Spencer


The scholastic book fair is coming to the Crompton Learning Commons (Library) this Thursday!  The fair runs during student-led conferences, and then again next Monday and Tuesday.


The Sumo Robotics Bots Club will be starting soon with Mr. Bedard and Mr. Whyte.  The Club will be Wednesdays after school and will cost $30.  You will build a gearbox, a frame and a wired controller. We will compete against other schools in March.


There is Musical Theatre after school today.  Check the schedule to see if or when you are needed. All musical theatre students are required to attend on Wednesday after school – no exceptions!


Handball playoffs start today.  Broncos versus the Giants and Patriots versus the Titans.

Grade 6/7 boys’ rec team you have a game today at John Stubbs, please ask your teachers to be released at 2:45

Grade 6/7 boys’ comp team you have a game today at Glanford. Please be dismissed at 2:45. Please see Britt in portable 6 at lunch to confirm rides.

Reminder to grade 7/8 boys’ and girls’ comp teams that you have practice Friday morning at 7:30 am.


Reminder that tomorrow is pizza day. Line up at nutrition break tomorrow, outside by the playground.  Pizza costs $3 a slice.


See Mr. Bedard during your break to get your permission form.  It will only take a minute and we will start building next Wednesday.


EMAIL TO PARENTS – November 14, 2018
Please visit our new website at http://dunsmuir.sd62.bc.ca/

A reminder to all families that SD 62 and Dunsmuir Middle School is participating in a Pilot Project on Communicating Student Learning. Your child’s teacher will inform you in the near future of what you should expect in regards to how and when the teacher will be communicating student learning. Many teachers will shift from traditional letter grades to a proficiency scale:
We are aware that change can be confusing and difficult for all involved. Please know that the shift in how we communicate student learning is supported by research and best practice. As a staff we have been diligent in our learning and planning in this and look forward to evolve our practices as it pertains to informative and meaningful ways to communicate student learning. We appreciate your understanding and support during this important process.

If your child sold cookie dough, please make arrangements to pick it up at Dunsmuir on Wed, Dec 5th from 3:10-4:30pm in the multi-purpose room. The cookie dough will arrive that day, frozen, and needs to be picked up that day as we do not have much freezer storage space. See you then!

The end of the term is fast approaching. Last day of Term 1 is November 30. As alluded to in previous communications, your child’s teacher will inform you soon as to how they will be communicating your child’s learning. You can expect to receive your child’s Point of Progress (formerly Report Card) either on November 30, at the student led conferences, or, on December 7th. We encourage all parents/guardians to attend the student led conferences so your child can showcase their learning. Student ownership of learning and understanding of themselves as a learner is critical to student success. Thank you for supporting your child in their learning.
HOMEWORK CLUB WEDNESDAY Every Wednesday at lunch, we offer homework club so have your child bring any subject to work on in Mrs. Stewart’s class, room 203.
Please see attached; Also located on Parents; Community page

On Thursday, November 15th Dunsmuir will be holding a district wide Lego Robotics Tournament. The Tournament will take place in the Multi-Purpose room and the Open Area Picnic/Round Tables from 1:00pm until 3:45. The students will be coding Lego EV 3’s and completing tasks with their robots on a customized mat.

Dunsmuir’s next PAC meeting will be held Tuesday, November 27th at 6:30 pm. We are still looking for a Secretary and a Communications officer for this school year. There are only 5 meetings left this year and usually take about an hour, so why not get involved? No experience necessary. PAC meetings are a great way to learn about what’s happening at Dunsmuir and support your child’s education. All are welcome to attend.

Purdy’s Fundraiser for the Learning Commons Dunsmuir Middle School is hosting a Purdy’s fundraiser to buy resources for our learning commons. Please support our school’s literacy goal by participating in our 2018 Purdy’s fundraiser. In the brochures, you will notice that the prices are the same as in the stores. This is because as a fundraiser, we pay the wholesale prices, so the difference is that our profit will be used to purchase resources for the learning commons. Chocolate orders are due online (or in the learning commons) this Friday (November 16th), and will be delivered on Thursday December 6th. What you can do to help: Ask everyone you can think of to help us out! Ask your friends, family, neighbours, etc! ***There are prizes for the top 3 sellers*** How to place an order: www.fundraising.purdys.com Group code – 14028 Online Orders are preferred (reducing order errors); however, payments by cheque/cash can also be made by filling out the order form and bringing it to the CLC. Please ensure that all orders have the student’s name, and their advisory number on them. **All cheques must be made payable to Sooke School District ROBOTICS TEAM We are opening our robotics team up to new members, starting this Thursday after school (3:10 to 4:30 or thereabouts). Any student who is interested in being on either the competitive robotics team, or the recreational robotics team, please meet in the Learning Commons after school this Thursday. If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Baas, Danita Stewart, Nicole Wallace, or Sabrina Booth.

Thursday Nov. 22; Monday Nov. 26; Tuesday Nov. 27
We are hosting a Scholastic Middle School Book Fair on Thursday Nov 22nd, Monday Nov 26th, and Tuesday Nov. 27th. The book fair will be in the Learning Commons. The book fair will be open Thursday 9:00AM – 7:00PM, Monday from 8:30AM-4:00PM, and Tuesday from 8:30AM-3:00PM. The selections offered focus on students in middle school, and offers a wide range of high interest, yet affordable books. There will also be other items including: bookmarks, stickers, erasers, pens, etc. Books that are sold out during the fair can be ordered, and will arrive shortly after the book fair is done!
All profits from the book fair will go towards the Learning Commons. Please support our Learning Commons as we update our current collection of both nonfiction, and fiction books!
Cash, credit/debit cards, and cheques will be accepted. If you are paying by cheque, please make it payable to Sooke School District.

Fees are to be paid online. See instructions below. Parents, for those who are not familiar with the cash online, there are options for payment. You can pay by credit, echeque and mywallet. There is a 24 hour help line you can call at 1-866-961-1803. We now have 739 Consents done! We are so close in getting our whole school signed up. See below for instructions on getting signed up! Are you new to our school? Ensure you have completed the online consent form. The consent must be completed or the school cash does not have authorization to pull student information from our database. Once the consent is done, please go to this link to pay fees: https://sd62.schoolcashonline.com/
Here are some additional instructions from our website on the consent portal:
http://dunsmuir.sd62.bc.ca/wp-content/uploads/sites/30/2017/09/School-Cash-Instructions.pdf. When completing the consent forms and setting up your school cash account please make sure that you are using one of the email addresses we have on file. Please make sure you are using your students PEN numbers which can be found on student report card or call the school at 250-478-5548.

Will take place on November 22nd from 1:30pm – 4:30pm and 5:30pm – 7:30pm. This is also an EARLY DISMISSAL DAY. We will no longer be running 10 minute interview times with the on-line appointment booking. This is Dunsmuir’s second year with Student Led Conference for parents. A student-led conference is a conference with parents led by the student. Students must be involved in these conferences. The classroom teacher’s role becomes that of a facilitator. “In a student-led conference,students lead parents through a discussion of their work, which is usually organized in a portfolio collection or interactive notebook. Typically, several conferences are conducted simultaneously in a classroom with family groups seated far enough apart to allow for privacy. The teacher circulates among family groups, stopping long enough to make pertinent comments and further guide the student to answer any questions. Students primarily direct the conversation, which is focused on their work and classroom behaviour.” (Bailey & Guskey, Implementing Student-Led Conferences, 2001)
The main purposes of Student-Led Conferences are to celebrate a child’s learning, show
growth over time, and provide parents with a better understanding of their child’s
learning process. “When students are well prepared over an extended period of time to tell
the story of their own success (or lack thereof), they seem to experience a fundamental
shift in their internal sense of responsibility for that success. The pride in accomplishment
that students feel when they have a positive story to tell can be immensely motivational.
The sense of personal responsibility that they feel when anticipating what it will be like
to face the music of having to tell their story of poor achievement can also drive them to
productive work.” (Stiggins, Phi Delta Kappan, November 1999)
On Nov. 22, students will be released for the day at 12:10pm and the school buses will
run 3 hours early. We will begin our Student-Led Conference at 1:30pm and continue
our day with the following schedule:
Afternoon Session 1:30-4:30pm
Dinner Break for Teachers 4:30-5:30pm
Evening Session 5:30-7:00pm

Friday, November 16th – Purdy’s Chocolate fundraiser deadline
Thursday, November 22nd – Student Led Conferences, 3 hour Early Dismissal (12:10pm)
Friday, November 23rd – Non-Instructional Day
Tuesday, November 27th – PAC meeting, 6:30pm, Conference room Friday, November 30th – Term 1 ends


Attention all girls who are interested in coding!  If you want to learn more about coding and are interested in participating in a hackathon in December, come to room 200 at lunch recess today for more information.