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Apr_12_Colour Calendar 2023-24
Apr_5_Family Board Game Night – Apr. 13
Mar_8_Dunsmuir PAC lunch program
Mar_8_2023 FUNDRAISER Seller Order Form
Feb_24_SD62 Career Ed Virtual Information Evening – Feb 28, 2023 (11 x 17)
Feb_22_Track and Field
Feb_15_Na’tsa’maht Family Gathering Dinners (5)
Feb_15_Purdy’s Dunsmuir Easter 2023
Feb_15_SD62 – We’re Hiring! – SA and EA only
Jan_25_PARENT NIGHT Invitation – Feb 2022 (002)
Dec_14_Dino Island Detailed Parent Pamphlet
Dec_14_Dino Island Parent Pamphlet
Dec_14_2023 Winter CC Youth Forum Flyer
Nov_16_Affordability Letter
Oct_19_2022 Introductory Letter for Parents – Dunsmuir
Oct_19_2022 phs-imms-sbic-grade-6-catch-up-immunizations
Oct_19_2022 phs-imms-sbic-grade-6-immunizations-bc
Oct_12_Calendar 2022-23 – Revised Oct. 7, 2022 Final
Sep_28_Foundation Skills Assessment 2022 -Letter to Caregivers
Sept_28_FSA Caregiver Brochure
Mar 8_4.1.1_School Fees_Middle_2022-23
Jun_22_School Operation Details – 2022-23 – Letter to Parents (003)
June_1_Invite Letter for schools
May_25_Calendar 2022-23 – Final
May_25_Colour Calendar 2022-23
MMedical Health Officer’s Message – Student_Info_Sheet_12-18_Aug9

New eCRC link – Here is the new eCRC link for parents who require a new criminal record check
or those requiring a re-check:
Website: https://justice.gov.bc.ca/criminalrecordcheck
Access code: JW7TJPQBGE (for Dunsmuir only)