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Mr. Mark Kaercher, Principal

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year. It is always exciting to begin a new school year. We will welcome 248 new grade 6 students to DMS this year and welcome back 227 grade 7 and 258 grade 8 students as well.  I look forward to working with the hard-working staff and students of Dunsmuir Middle School and continuing to support, celebrate and practice our core values of: Honesty, Kindness and Respect. Dunsmuir is committed to supporting all students and prides itself on creating an inclusive school community where every person belongs. I encourage families to continue to be involved and engaged in their child’s education from Kindergarten through to Grade 12. To this end, please feel free to contact me or set up a meeting should you have any questions, concerns or ideas. I am looking forward to a fantastic year. Thank you,
Mark Kaercher 250-478-5548

Mr. Chris Smyth, Vice-Principal

I have been extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work as a vice principal at Spencer Middle School from 2005-2008, École John Stubbs Memorial School from 2008-2011, Dunsmuir Middle School from 2012-2014, Spencer Middle School from 2015-2021, and Dunsmuir Middle School from 2021 to the current school year.  I am looking forward to being at Dunsmuir in September once again to help build strong and lasting relationships with students, staff and parents.  Dunsmuir is an amazing school and I look forward to many more years of being a part of this wonderful team, supporting the school values of acting respectfully, being kind, creating belonging and developing resilience.
Chris Smyth – Vice-Principal





Ms. Alexis McKean,  Vice-Principal

I am thrilled to be returning to Dunsmuir Middle School this year and to be working with the students, staff, and families that make up this wonderful school community. Dunsmuir is a school full of opportunities for students, and I encourage all of you to try something new this year. Whatever your interest, Dunsmuir has a club, team, or class for you!

I am honored to be part of a team that works hard to make Dunsmuir a welcoming, inclusive, and caring school where the values of respect, kindness, belonging and resiliency are practiced and celebrated.  As relationships and connections are the foundation of every school community, I am looking forward to building these with you all in the year ahead. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, ideas, or concerns.
Alexis McKean – Vice-Principal