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Happy Birthday to:  Rilynn S 

  • We are having a yearbook cover contest again this year!  Submit your cover ideas to Mrs. Stewart in room #203.  Covers should be designed on 8.5 by 11 paper and they should have something to do with DMS and COVID.  For example, a dragon with a mask with smoke and flames coming out around the mask.  If your cover is chosen, you get a FREE yearbook and lots of street cred.
  • You can also submit any art that you think might be good enough to be showcased in the yearbook.
  • Make sure to purchase your yearbook ASAP so you don’t miss out.  It’s going to be great and only costs $40.


  • Remember to submit any art that you think might be good enough to be showcased in the yearbook.

Submit this artwork to Mrs’ Stewart

  • Make sure to purchase your yearbook ASAP so you don’t miss out.  It’s going to be great and only costs $40.

A reminder to leadership students to hand in your fundraising orders to Mr. Duque-Park or Ms. Knoke!


Staff is noticing that some students are wearing perfume and cologne at Dunsmuir. Dunsmuir is a Scent Free School, these strong scents are causing headaches, nausea, coughing and dizziness when these scents are worn. Please be respectful of others and do not wear this at school



Today’s birthday are: Nhi,N


EMAIL TO PARENTS – November 18, 2020

Hello DMS families,

We hope that you are all well. It is hard to believe that we are heading towards the end of November. Please know that we continue to prioritize student/staff safety above all else during this time and all others. While school continues to look a little different then in years past, we have found that the students have proven to be resilient and adaptable during these times. One of the positive spin offs of COVID and the various reorganization(s) of the lunch (play) time has been that we are seeing more students then ever, playing cooperative and competitive games within their cohort during their unstructured time. This much needed “release” has benefits for students that carries well into the afternoon in all kinds of ways including but not limited to: increased focus, increased ability to self-regulate, etc. It has been refreshing to see students playing, cooperating, inventing games, building community and making the very best of our current situation.
With COVID safety protocols in place, we are looking forward to the remainder of the school year. Please see below for additional information:

you would have heard from your child’s teacher about how and when they are communicating student learning (previously “report card”). Please pay close attention to this communication and when you can expect this feedback as to how your child has been doing with their learning up until this point in time. Most teachers will be sending these home or completing them on MyEd between November 20- through to the first week of December. In the event that your child’s teacher is using MyEd, you will be able to access the Point of Progress through the Parent Portal beginning on December 7.

Please help remind your child to come organized every day with a face mask and water bottle.

As communicated earlier, if your child’s teacher does not have any concerns about your child’s learning or progress in school, they would not have requested an interview and you will receive a progress update using another format. Parents are always free to contact their child’s teacher to request verbal feedback if desired. The best way to achieve this is to connect with your child’s teacher initially through email.

As a school, we are reminding students regularly of our COVID-19 protocols. As we track cases on the island, it is a reminder that this is a time to be diligent and follow all protocols, not a time for complacency. Thank you for your continued support.

The Clara Clark bedding brand is focused on delivering a better sleep for the world, offering comfort in ways that matter. You will not find us in large department stores because our products are ONLY exclusive through approved representatives. Our bedding is made of a combination of the finest brushed micro-linen fibers including Cotton, Linen, Nylons and Bamboo. Our patented technology means there is not another product on the market like ours. Our threads are finer than a spider’s web. Not only are our 1500tc and 1800tc sheets the softest on the market, but we are best priced, high quality item on the market today. Our extra fine, brushed threads, dry fast, do not wrinkle or pill, and are super durable, so you can sleep in the lap of luxury for years to come.
Please see attached order form for all product & color options.  Visit www.claraclarkcanada.com for product information.
Last day to place orders today deadline, Wednesday, November 18th  Orders must be received by 3:15pm today.

Forms of payment accepted: cash or cheque (payable to SD62)
Orders will be available to pick-up in a Covid-friendly manner the week of December 14th.
Any questions, please contact Miss. Anderson: danderson@sd62.bc.ca 

The busses will arrive 3 hours earlier on November 19 to pick children up from school. Please be aware that school dismissal will be at 12:10 pm on this day.

Dear Parents, Guardians and Loved ones!  The Learning Commons have been open for six weeks now1 The kids seem excited to have a chance to take out books again and we are excited to have them down here! The kids are excited to get their hands on literature as we are to provide it. It is my goal to diversify our collection this year. This fundraiser will go a long way in helping support us in acquiring more resources for the students. We are approaching the deadline of November 25th to put in your orders. The goal to sell 5000 worth of chocolate is withing reach! Nows your chance to get in on supporting the kids while buying gifts for loved ones, teachers, or yourself!!
Chocolate orders are due online by Wednesday November 25th, and will be ready for pick up on Friday December 11th.
What you can do to help: Ask everyone you can think of to help us out! Ask your friends, family, neighbours, etc!
How to place an orderhttps://fundraising.purdys.com/1203561-78420
Group code – 14028
All orders will be done Online.  Please ensure that all orders have the student’s name, and their advisory number on them.
Thank you for your support,
Mike Manhas

We are excited to use MyEd BC Family Portal to facilitate greater communication between teachers, schools, and families. The portal allows parent guardians to view:Class Attendance Information

  • Contact Information
  • Assessments
  • IEP’s (If Applicable)
  • Student Schedules
  • Published Report Cards

It is important that you log in and get acquainted with the portal since you will be receiving your students report card through the parent portal as well as your annual Verification Sheets.

Login Instructions for logging into Parent Portal:

  1. Visit https://www.myeducation.gov.bc.ca/aspen/logon.do
  2. Make sure pop-ups are enabled on your browser and you are on a computer, NOT a mobile device
  3. Login ID:
  4. Temporary Password:

Please note: Your Login ID and Password are case sensitive.
For additional instructions and troubleshooting please visit our website.
Thank you, Dunsmuir Office Team dunsmuir@sd62.bc.ca

We welcomed 16 students back to DMS this morning as part of the transition back to school. The next point of entry for Remote Learners to begin coming to school is following the winter break on Monday, January 4, 2021.

Has now been published to the MyEd BC Family Portal. This online document replaces the paper form sent home with families each fall.
Student Verification Forms are a vital way to ensure the school has all your correct information on file. You will review such things as your address, contact phone numbers, those authorized to pick up your student, and medical/legal alerts.
You can find the published report on the righthand side of the Landing Page. It will appear under the Published Reports heading as a hyperlinked PDF document.
The Student Information Verification Form only shows a few of your students authorized pick up people. Please go to the Family Top Tab and Contacts Side Tab. This will show you a complete list of who is authorized to pick up your student. If you click on the Priority number beside the contact it will give you complete phone number and address details of those contacts on file.
If you need to make changes to your information, please print and mark your changes directly on the form then send to school with your student; or simply email dunsmuir@sd62.bc.ca with any changes that need to be made.

Thursday, November 19th – Parent-Teacher Interviews/conferences (3 hours Early Dismissal)
Friday, November 20th – Non-Instructional Day
Wednesday, November 25th  – Purdy’s fundraiser deadline
Friday, November 27th – Term 1 ends
Monday, November 30th – Term 2 begins
Friday, December 11th – Purdy’s chocolate order pick up
Friday, December 18th – Last day of school before Winter Break begins
Monday, January 4th – School Reopens



Reminder that there will be Flu Shots today for staff in the multi-purpose room or the chrom-book lab. Flu shots will start at 12:30 until 4:30. Remember to bring your form and wear a mask



We will meet tomorrow at lunch time! Remember to bring your mask and bring your fundraising orders if you are done!


Happy Birthday to: Kaelyn C, Uma F 


Student Price Cards are available online. Go to the Dunsmuir Website to purchase these cards. A SPC card offers discounts on items such as fashion….

Reminder: If you have ordered an SPC card, please bring your receipt to the office when you are called to pick it up.