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Classes, you have until December 14th to decorate your doors! Teachers, check your emails for more information. There is a prize for each grade awarded at our holiday assembly on December 17th.



If you have an overdue library book, please put it in the drop bin in from the of Learning Commons.


What do Mrs. Knoke, Mr. Mussel, and Mr. Walts’ classes have in common??????  If you said they were the Holiday Door decorating champions from last year, you’d be right!

Holiday Door decorating is back! From now until December 14th, decorate the inside OR outside of your classroom door. Portables, you can choose which door you’d like to decorate. New this year: decorate with your neighboring classroom. For example: Mrs. Kersch and Mr. Laberee can team up together.

The ADST/Arts teachers will be the judges again this year and will review your doors on December 15th and 16th. The winners for each grade will be announced in our Holiday assembly on Friday December 17th. The judges will graciously accept your bribes.


Everyone is welcome to join Brother Rick and Ms. Richardson every Thursday at lunch at 12:11 for a drum circle – when the weather is nice, we’ll be at the outdoor classroom. If it’s stormy, we’ll be in the common area. We have drums and rattles to share for everyone!


  • Thank you girls for the great effort last week, and for those that returned uniforms last Tuesday after the games were finished.  
  • Those that did not (3 of you), please return your laundered jerseys to Mr. Clegg ASAP!
  • The Missing Uniforms #’s are #4 (T Dutemple), #8 (E Rumple), and #11 (L Turner) 
  • Thanks!!!



  • Finished league play in 2nd place in our pool. We will have 2 final games this week, and then the season comes to an end. Regardless of how the next 2 games go, Mr. Prete and Mr. Clegg are so proud of this team and the improvements they have made as basketball players this year. 
  • Today we play at Arbutus Middle School at 3:45 PM. We will need to be let out of our last block (2:18pm) to ensure we arrive on time and get a good warm up in. Arbutus was first in their pool with a 4-0 record.
  • Our final game will be Thursday @ 3:45 with the location not being finalized until the results are in from Tuesday. The other possible locations are Royal Oak and Gordon Head.
  • Season ended on Thursday with a tough loss to Gordon Head – Ms. Booth and Mr. Clegg are extremely proud of your efforts, passion, and desire to improve your skills.  It was a pleasure coaching and getting to know you all  this year.
  • Reminders: Please return your jerseys to Ms. Booth ASAP!



  • The season finished Thursday with a tough loss to Royal Oak by 5 points – tough bounces that didn’t go in, a few missed free throws, and some tough breaks for sure. Great effort, great season, and tough loss girls.
  • Please return your laundered uniforms  (Shirt and shorts) to Mr. Clegg in the main office ASAP. 
  • Coach Brian & Coach Jeff say thank you girls!!!

Today is Math Mondays with rainbow!!!!!

Riddle:If it took 6 people 9 hours to build a barn, how long would it take 12 people to build the same barn?

 Answer: None because the barn is already buily



Today is Math Mondays with rainbow!!!!!

Riddle: If it took 6 people 9 hours to build a barn, how long would it take 12 people to build the same barn?



We had to close the Zipline a few weeks back because of a number of injuries that occurred.

We have been MUCH better since!

Please remember be safe, no pushing, no “big” momentum, 1 at a time, take care of one another, and let’s get back to safety first.

If problematic again = closed again