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Everyone is welcome to join Brother Rick and Ms. Richardson every Thursday at lunch at 12:11 for a drum circle – when the weather is nice, we’ll be at the outdoor classroom. If it’s stormy, we’ll be in the common area. We have drums and rattles to share for everyone!



This week the grade 6’s are allowed inside the gym and the multi purpose  room at lunch

All others are to remain outside the school


  • Last practice was Wednesday night after school – a wholehearted thank you to Elysia Stevens who helped coach all of our practices this year.  Kudos Coach Stevens 😉
  • Our last league games – This Tuesday, tomorrow, November 23rd AT JOHN STUBBS at 3:45pm and 4:30pm vs. John Stubbs & Lansdowne.  Good luck Girls!

League games:

  • Tough loss Thursday after school in a Half gym game due to flooding    to Royal Oak, and their first loss of the season.  Hang in there gentlemen!
  • Next Game is Thursday, November 25th at 3:45pm at Dunsmuir  vs. Cedar Hill
  • Practice this week is tomorrow, Tuesday, November 23rd, after school, from 3:15pm to 5pm  

The last league game for the Grade 8 Boys is  Today! (Makeup game from last Monday due to Power Outage)

St. Andrew’s AT DUNSMUIR – 5:15pm – 6:45pm in our gym.  Go Boys Go!!!

A reminder that practice this week is Friday, November 26th, after school, from 2:00-4:00pm.


The last League Game for the Grade 8 Girls is … Today! (Makeup game from last Monday due to Power Outage)

P.C.S. AT DUNSMUIR – 3:45pm – 5:15pm in our gym.  Go Girls Go!!!

A reminder that practice this week is Friday, November 26th, after school, from 2:15-3:45pm.

  • Waiting area in green only 
  • Stay there until bus number is called
  • No pushing, shoving, or crowding (Social Distancing applies)
  • When your Bus # is called, line up 2 X 2, spaced out, and in front of cones by your bus.
  • The bus driver will NOT open the doors until it is “Calm, Cool and Collected”
  • Board bus calmly and slowly

This week the Grade 6’s have access to the Gym and the Multi-Purpose room.

All other students are outside.

Remember there is Road Hockey on the Bus Lane. 


Students will be dismissed today at 12:10pm.

Tomorrow, Friday, November 19th, is an Non-instructional.


Since today is an Early Dismissal Day, there will be no Robotics after school.

  • Game is today at 3:45 at Spencer. Please get dismissed by 2:55 and meet in the school foyer to organize rides. Good luck today team!  
  • Unfortunately, no practice this week due to the Pro-D day on Friday. Please check in with Mrs. Booth on Thursday to confirm details for Monday’s make-up game vs. St. Andrew’s 
  • Game will be next Monday, November 22nd at Dunsmuir to make up for power outage Monday!!!