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Online Payments

Online Consent and School Cash Online Instructions can be found HERE

Before using School Cash Online to pay student fees, go to the Online Consent Portal and ensure the consent for School Cash Online is completed.

Online payments can be made here: https://sd62.schoolcashonline.com/
A reminder, you will need your student’s PEN number not student number to add your student(s) to your account.  You can obtain this number from your child’s report card.

School Cash Online Security

School Consent Forms

A number of school consent forms can now be completed ONLINE! Our Consent Portal can be accessed HERE and include the following consent forms:

  1. Freshgrade
  2. General School Fieldtrips
  3. Google apps for Education
  4. Internet Access*
  5. Media Consent*
  6. School Cash Online

* Must be completed each school year