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To contact staff, please call the school at 250-478-5548 and the 3-digit telephone extension listed, or email (click on name below or first initial  last name@sd62.bc.ca).  ** no voicemail
Example:  mailto:mkaercher@sd62.bc.ca
Mark Kaercher 225 Principal
Glenn Bedard 224 Vice-Principal
Pam Gerrits 226 Vice-Principal, SPEDLA
Jen Clarke 229 Counsellor (A-M Alphabet)
Chelsea Lajeunesse 264 Counsellor (N-Z Alphabet)
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday all day
Danica Anderson 240 Dance Academy DANCE ACADEMY  PAGE
Marianne Arsenault 244 Grade 6
John Beynon 265 Grade 6 (Monday to Friday PM only)
Niske Blake ESD Teacher
Sabrina Booth 253 Grade 7
Robert Bryan 241 Grade 8
Meghan Caldwell 272 Grade 8 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
Amanda Cheeseman 261 SPED-LA
Lenore Cook 256 Grade 7
Heather Wakely for Craig Didmon 265 Grade 6 (Monday to Friday AM only)
Alex Doucette 243 Grade 6 (Mon, Tues PM, Wed, Thurs PM, Fri)
Joanne Dube 281** Grade 7 (Monday to Thursday)
Fabian Duque-Park 233  Music
Sue Duvall 238 Grade 8
Leslie Fetsch for Erin Larson 246** Grade 6
Nick Gervais 245 Grade 8
Ken Goodland for Rebecca Nielsen 270 Grade 8 (Fridays only)
Amanda Graham for Mercedes McKechnie 234** Art
Sarah Grundy for Harpal Manhas PE teacher
Sam Harvey  Ab Ed Teacher
Moira Hood 227 Grade 7
Kristen Howarth 260  SPED-LA
Greg Jacobsen 275  Grade 7
Catherine Jeffrey 260 SPEDLA
Andrew Johnson  281** Grade 7 (Tuesdays and Fridays only)
Barb Kersch 236 Grade 6
Adrianna King 258 Grade 6
Amanda Knoke 249 Grade 8
Matthew Laberee 270 Grade 8 (Monday to Thursday)
Chelsea Lajeunesse 272 Grade 8 (Thursday/Friday)
Deborah Langille for Amanda MacLean 248 Grade 6
Kyle Long 245 Grade 8
Mike Manhas for Sarah Baas 230 Librarian for CLC
Tim May 269 Grade 7
Daniel Mussell 255 Grade 7, PE
Heidi Nielson 239 Grade 8
Chris Pelley 235 Skills for Life
Sam Park 260 SPED-LA
Shayne Pfeifer for Jessica Doyle 280 Woodwork Teacher
Kaitlin Poynter 282 Grade 6
Leanne Reed 232  Foods
Shoni Robertson 276** Sewing Teacher
Courtney Reed 254 Grade 8
Andrea Sharpe 274 Grade 7  
Bryn Stephenson 279** Grade 7
Danita Stewart 263 Grade 8, Math / Science
Anne Syme 237 Grade 6
Graham Treloar 252 Grade 7
Kathryn Turnbull 231 Grade 6
Jacob Varro 234** Technology  
David Vavala 271** Grade 7 (Soccer Academy)  
James Walts 247 Grade 6  
Shawna Webb 260 SPED-LA
Stacey Weir 243 Grade 6 (Tues/Thurs AM)
Larissa Wood 281**  Grade 6 (Friday)
Terry Young 262 Grade 8
Secretaries Noon Hour Supervisors Education Assistants Student Engagement Facilitator Communication Facilitator
 Adele Anderson  Toni-Lynn Beal   Atisha Cook
 Head Secretary Ms. Earleen Covey 222  Monica Erdei  Darren Byrne
Student Records Ms. Angie Podann 221  Leah Gladders for R. Caley  Jay Carswell
 Kristine Chamberlain
 Peter Lee  Victoria Cummings
Attendance Ms. Christy Buckler 223  Patricia O’Brien  Dana Dawson
 Reema Prassad  Maria Erno for C. Mackenzie
 Carlee Vowles for R. Bell  Robyn Faulkner
Leah Sutherland for G. Needham Leah Gladders
 Megan Larsen (temp)
 Rosalyn Lee
 Stefani Lowes
 Jaquelin Martinez
 Tina Meikle for N.  Williams
 Sarah McNaughton
 Rachelle Mosher
 Holly Stratton (on leave)
 Courtney Surdu
 Chantel Topham
 Matthew Tromp
 Tanya York
 Tamara Younger for S. Kim
Aboriginal Ed Support Worker Custodians
Derek Titian  Wanda Falle
 Paul Follestad
   Christina Planes
   Angie Winteler
Library Assistant